Oven Cleaning Belfast


Q.  What areas do you cover?


A.  We cover all of Northern Ireland.

Q.  What are the benefits of using an oven cleaning service?

A.  Everyday ‘off the shelf’ cleaning products contain chemicals that are corrosive  to your oven – the products we use give a deep clean without damaging the appliance. The lifespan of your appliance is therefore prolonged and as we also clean parts of the oven that aren’t seen (behind the liners, between the door panels and by the rear fan), fire risks are reduced.

Q.  Can you clean ‘self cleaning’ ovens?

A.  Yes, we are fully trained to clean self-cleaning ovens - they are comprised of self-clean interiors and/or liners which are designed to burn off debris left behind from cooking. However, many do not reach the high temperature which is required for this. It is difficult to clean these yourself but we will be able to remove all fat, grease and carbon deposits that could otherwise have posed a fire risk.

Q.  How long will it take to clean my oven?

A.  The time ranges: a single oven will take approximately 1 hour up to approximately 3 hours for a large Aga.

Q.  Are there dangerous fumes or any smells?

A.  No, we only use non-caustic and non-toxic products in your home. These products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly and will not result in any fumes or odours.

Q.  How soon can I use my oven?

A.  Your oven can be used immediately.

Q.   Do you have insurance?

A.  Yes. We carry comprehensive Public Liability insurance. Not all oven companies have adequate cover or adhere to required safety procedures. At E.A. Domestic Oven & Appliance Cleaning Limited you can be assured that all health and safety provisions are considered to be of utmost importance.

Q.   How often do I need to get my oven professionally cleaned?

A.  This varies from what you cook to how often the oven is used. We recommend every six to twelve months dependent on individual requirements.


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